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It was merely a coincidence that the latest racial and housing discrimination lawsuit against suburban Sunnyvale was filed this year on Martin Luther King Jr. Twenty-four years have passed since he filed his first suit against the town, which sits between sprawl-covered Mesquite and Garland, 12 miles east of downtown. She found nothing of the sort in Sunnyvale. It allowed only single-family houses on 1-acre lots. After a trial, U. District Judge Jerry Buchmeyer ruled in that it was no accident that, inSunnyvale had only 16 blacks among its 2, residents.


The similarities between Sunnyvale and Shadyside are no different than any city or town in the world. If only white supremacy were as easily destroyed. It affects only one killer on a ram. Reddit Created with Sketch. In this film, we get confirmation that this curse is for Shadysiders alone. There is little to no delineation between indigence, discrimination, targeted harassment, and crime. Even this bears similarities to white supremacy and the interconnected systems of subjugation. In Fear Street Part 2:the divide between the have and have nots is still clear, with both Sunnyvalers and Shadysiders attending Camp Nightwing for the summer.

Flipboard Created with Sketch. Any person from a poor neighborhood, especially if they are not white, knows those looks.

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This is the same for us: a curse originating from white men that affects generations of people. The narrative spun by oppressors is rampant in Shadyside, whether they believe in the curse of not. She was simply an unfortunate scapegoat because of her sexual attraction to girls. The Fear Street trilogy accomplishes this with a universe that is a mixture of the fantastical and the familiar.

Top Stories. Sometimes, that world bears a striking similarity to our own with an infusion of fantasy that is influenced by reality. Tai Gooden.

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After completing the series, its clear that the curse is an analogy for oppression stemming from racial and gender inequity, redlining, and other weightier issues of white supremacy. They fought to change their world for the better for themselves and future generations. DUNE 91 Posts. Yet, he does not target any kids from Sunnyvale.

Part 3 ultimately reveals that the villain is Solomon Goode, ancestor of Nick Goode and a white man, of course, who pursues power through a curse that sacrifices others for personal power and social gain.

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To be swept away into another place. Pocket Created with Sketch. Those outside privilege circles exist for their entertainment and amusement. Do you want to be the first who gets the news directly to your mailbox?

Sunnyvale is a suburb with little to no crime; everyone is financially well off, primarily white, and living their best life. White people, consciously or not, are the beneficiaries of a system that harms others. Rick and Morty. There is also the way Kapinski treats Deena and Sam. We see our circumstances reflected at us in this fictional world where there is a single source for the inequity, a curse that can solved.

There is an area of affluence that may have a few Black people or people of color living there in juxtaposition to an impoverished area, usually separated through bridges, highways, or interstates to keep the poor and wealthy divided. Fear Street Part 3: gives us the full backstory of Sarah Fier known as the witch and the curse. More by DarkSkyLady. But her words were not meant to harm Shadysiders, but to exist as long as the Goode curse remained in tact.

It blends fictional tales with real-life oppression and does it all through an intriguing curse. The rare exception is Sam, the ex-girlfriend of protagonist Deena Johnson, who lives in Shadyside.

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They challenge racism, sexism, ableism, the archaic, subpar healthcare system, laws, workplace environment, and much more. Often when a person snaps from years of discrimination, marginalization, and exploitation, the victims are people in their own community.

Similar again to how people espouse platitudes for marginalized communities while simultaneously believing they are just bad people. Unsurprisingly, the witch is a girl who lives in a puritanical time that frowns on sexuality and deviations from traditional heteronormative roles. Twitter Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch.

Suspect was last seen in a white t-shirt and jeans, in a blue sedan similar to a toyota prius

That was the case with Ziggy in and Sam in This silencing and lies are similar to the way society, then and now, harms marginalized people. It demonstrates the egotistical nature of Sunnyvalers and white supremacy to believe they have dominion over someone else. Sunnyvalers exhibit the same sentiments towards Shadysiders that wealthy and upwardly mobile people do towards the poor in real life. Trending Topics.

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Aly Semigran. Rotem Rusak. In the Fear Street films, there was a curse that explained the horrors of Shadyside and the joys of Sunnyvale.

Perhaps because she never fully assimilated into Sunnyvale by rejecting her sexuality and adhering to a heternormative role to appease her mother. Search for: Search. So all killers are forced to rise and kill that person. We often readwatch, and listen to stories to have fun.

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Similarly, the most vocal against oppressive systems in our society are youth. Sunnyvalers run the camp for the most part, with some older teens from Shadyside as counselors.

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This not only benefits the Goode family but all of Sunnyvale, whether they realize it or not, because they have no crime and wealth. But when someone sees Sarah Fier, the truth may come out. Michael Walsh. They believe the poor and those who commit crimes exist because something is inherently wrong with them.

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It came from a white man named, hilariously enough, Goode, and changed the lives and history of many people. Otherwise, they would be successful. But unfortunately, with the curse, she is still seen as a Shadysider.

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The Goode family has several generations of sheriffs, politicians, and financial growth. Sam is a white girl who was able to get out of Shadyside and move to Sunnyvale. Poor, marginalized communities are subject to environmental harm, like the Flint, Michigan, water crisisracial profiling, subpar education systems, and many other issues.

Cool Ad. Here's Nerdist.

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Yet, change came from Deena and Josh, the younger generation of Shadysiders. The village makes brutal decision to hang Sarah Fier, evoking her rage that will live on. Linkedin Created with Sketch. The opposite of this quaint suburban dream is Shadyside, a place rife with poverty, crime, and years of recurring killing sprees.

Tommy, a seemingly ordinary Shadysider, suddenly becomes a murderous killer.

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Kyle Anderson. Shadysiders are frequently objectified, like when Peter grabs Deena and forces a hug on her. From the apparent political color reference of red Sunnyvale, good, Republican vs. The divide is present throughout the Color Wars between them.