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Before I ever moved to SwedenI used to work for a Swedish company. They somehow just hang around in the same social groups for their whole lives until a relationship spontaneously forms — and then they have a bunch of children. Swedes are almost pathologically resistant to interrupting other people.


Swedish Ancestry Learn about your Swedish ancestors and their lives in Sweden. Legacy Tree Genealogists is a genealogy research firm with expertise in researching ancestors from many different backgrounds.

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Clerks often spelled Swedish names phonetically or how they thought the names should be spelled. Were you confused when the family surname changed a lot? As Swedes migrated to foreign countriesthey frequently modified their surnames to be more closely aligned with the language of the new culture. Something must be wrong!

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Many surnames were descriptive in one form or another. William the son of John became William Johnson.

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About Latest Posts. Founded inthe company provides full-service genealogical research for clients worldwide, helping them discover their roots and personal history through records, narratives, and DNA. Swedish Family History. Search Swedish Records. Throughout history, cultures have used different naming practices to distinguish one person from another.

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For instance, if Lars was born out of wedlock to Stina Andersdotter, then Lars could have been known as Lars Andersson. Siblings may have chosen different surnames. You can use this knowledge of Swedish surnames to better understand your Swedish family lines.

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They could have described the individual in another way, such as by an occupation, a personal characteristic, or a location. When children were born out of wedlock in Sweden, the naming convention was less clear.

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Traditional Swedish Foods. That surnames could change so much serves as a reminder that when researching, it is vital to rely upon multiple details—relationships, residences, occupations, vital dates, and so on—to uniquely identify an ancestor. In Sweden, members of the clergy or nobility would sometimes adopt nonpatronymic surnames. By the beginning of the 17th century, this practice had become so common that clergy and nobility generally stopped using patronymic names.

Women began using the -son suffix rather than the -dotter suffix.

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Legacy Tree Genealogists is a genealogy research firm with expertise in researching Swedish ancestors and ancestors from many other backgrounds. In English-speaking countries, a family may have adopted a patronymic surname such as Johnson that stuck throughout the generations, but in Sweden and other Nordic countries the patronymic name most often changed with every generation.

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That is, if Per Andersson had a son and a daughter, their last names would have been Persson and Persdotter, respectively. They were often derived from an occupation for example, Baker, Smith, or Millera nearby location such as Hill, Wood, or Hamiltonor a characteristic for example, Brown, Strong, or Young.

As society changed in the mid- to late 19th century with increased industrialization, migration into cities, and emigration, the conventions surrounding Swedish surname usage also changed.

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Similarly, some given names and therefore patronymic surnames were interchangeable. Swedish Ancestry. Soldiers were another group who adopted nonpatronymic names, at least during their military service. In Europe, the practice of attaching a surname to a given name began to be standard toward the end of the Middle Ages. This practice was key to differentiating between men who bore the same name.

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This is the patronymic system described above, which became the norm in Sweden and other Nordic countries. One last note! As mentioned above, surnames were not always patronymic.

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Legacy Tree. This patronymic means that someone with the surname Hansson was the son of Hans. In fact, what is going on here is a classic case of patronymics except in the case of Mr. For example, the patronymic name Hansson can be broken into two parts: Hans and son.

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Swedish Church Records Learn how to use Swedish parishes that date back as far as It is important to remember that although we often think that spelling is set in stone, it was not always so in the past. Understanding this basic concept—and some related pointers outlined below—will go a long way in sorting out and solving your Swedish genealogy problems.

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A soldier may have kept the nonpatronymic surname throughout his life or may have dropped it when he left the military. Because of this pattern, male and female siblings would have had similar but different surnames. Swedish Church Records.

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