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  • Years old:
  • 19
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  • Egyptian
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  • Male
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Need help determining which type of protection order petition to file?. RCW You may call the Clerk's Office Domestic Violence department at for kiosk locations. Petitioner must allege that there has been abandonment, abuse, neglect, financial exploitation or threat of any of these.


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If so, based on what employer-size threshold s? No explicit cap on how much sick time can be earned or used in a year.

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Workers employed in Tacoma are covered, as long as there is a reasonable expectation that they will perform work in Tacoma for more than 80 hours within a benefit year. However, as described below, employers are not required to allow a worker to carry over more than 40 hours of unused paid sick time a year. Amount of paid sick time that can be earned under the law per year?

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Private Right of Action to go to Court? Yes: children; parents; grandparents; grandchildren; siblings; spouses; and registered domestic partners local or state registries.

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Rate at which workers earn paid sick time? Note: All of these paid sick time laws make it clear that these laws establish a minimum requirement, and employers can provide greater or more generous paid sick time benefits to their workers.

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When do workers begin to earn paid sick time? Does unused sick time carry forward to the subsequent year? Workers are entitled to carry forward 40 hours of unused paid sick time to the following benefit year.

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Biological, adopted or foster children, stepchildren, legal wards, or to whom the worker stands in loco parentis, is a legal guardian, or is a de facto parent, regardless of age or dependency status. Can sick time be used to care for loved ones? Independent contractors, single-person businesses, and Federal government workers are exempted.

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Note: It is possible that other laws, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act or a state equivalent, could provide eligible workers with unpaid leave for these purposes. Who is covered? Do workers have different sick time-related rights based on the size of their employer?

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Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Linkedin. What Agency or Official Enforces the Law? The Finance Director or his or her deee For the statewide paid sick time laws: can cities in the state pass paid sick time laws that are broader than the state law? For the statewide paid sick time laws: can cities in the state pass paid sick time laws that are broader than the state law?

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In , the age of consent was established to protect minors from explicit contact and sexual abuse in Washington state.