After Contentious Meeting With Pelosi, White House Adult Diaper Budget Doubles


Last week’s now infamous meeting between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi, ostensibly about a budget for infrastructure, ended with America’s favorite pussy-grabber storming out in a rage.  What haven’t been as highly publicized are the consequences of the explosive hissy-fit.

Firstly, the emotional toll on the President from Pelosi constantly referring to him as : “You know, the dipshit there”, and “whatshisface, Jabba the Twat”, have driven the White House’s adult undergarment budget up, from $350 a month to more than $700.

Interesting historical fact : The Reagan administration’s pee pants were constructed of recycled Bryan Adams albums.

A second unforseen expense totalled $4300, when the bulbous President came angrily stomping into the oval office, tripped over a discarded pornographic DVD case, and rolled into and through the western wall, causing a security concern.  Oddly, such an event happened once before, during the Taft administration.

Soon after his Presidency, Taft was mistaken for a walrus by hunters and killed. He is mounted in a trophy room in the West Wing.

Finally, President Trump, upset and unable to sleep, evidently spent the evening in what aides have described as a “fugue state”, mindlessly wandering the grounds and randomly urinating on valuable furniture, artwork, and secret service agents, yielding a cleaning fee of nearly $30,000 by the following morning.

Obstructionist Democrats like Pelosi need to realize the costs of their actions when they fail to uphold the responsibilities of their positions.  The American taxpayers aren’t working hard to pay for what could easily turn into a shitshow the next time.

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