Death Row Inmate in Alabama Gets Herself Pregnant – Asks for Abortion

The State of Alabama has had its share of news spotlights recently, but here’s something nobody saw coming. Laquisha al Assad Allahi, who is on death row for multiple murders, has managed to get herself pregnant.

Prison officials are beside themselves trying to figure out how she did it, with most fingers pointed at her lawyer, Marshwan Daniels. His office released a statement nobody is buying:

“We’ve already told them that my client was assualted and by whom. That person now magically no longer works at the prison and my client — who lives in solitary confinement — is carrying an immaculately conceived child. None of y’all are gonna buy that. Laquisha is still protected by the laws of this country. She’s seeking to terminate the pregnancy.”

The laws of this country? You’re in Alabama, friend. Abortion is murder and all life is sacred. The question now becomes, how to deal with the whole baby/mother/execution thing. That creates a bit of an issue as well, as the Alabama Attorney General, Art Tubolls, explains:

“It doesn’t matter what the killer wants. She can beg to murder her baby. We’re Christians here in Alabama. Murder is murder. So she’s scheduled to die in just 3 months, which means the baby won’t be viable outside the womb, and unfortunately, we can’t just postpone an execution. So…how do we save the child? It looks like the only way is to commute her sentence to life and give her visitation rights.”

The Governor’s office confirmed that the only way to give the baby a chance was to allow the mother to live as well. Allahi was convicted of throwing a grenade into a baseball dugout while a team of 2nd and 3rd-graders were listening to a pre-game pep-talk from their coach. The nature of her crime has to be set aside, says the Office of Alabamian Propaganda, so that the “will of the Lord and the premise that “all life is sacred.”

Religion was never officially established as the motive, but she reportedly laughed and called them all “lambs of sacrifice” as they died.

So, the greater good is served, but still…one can’t wonder if there’s some way to either postpone the execution or get the baby inserted into another womb now before that procedure is no longer available. Allahi’s lawyer says those procedures “violate her constitutional right to privacy” and that to force a person to carry a baby to term and deliver it only to be executed shortly thereafter constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment.”

It wasn’t cruel when she did what she did? People have such one-track minds.

It certainly would be nice to honor all the lives at stake. Both the baby and the people she took before their time. God Bless them all. Hopefully, the monster can be disposed of one way or the other as soon as possible.


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