The Girls Of Bill Kill Hill

The truth is right in front of you.

Bill Clinton’s philandering ways are no secret. From the time of the Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones affairs, to the famous Oval Office encounter with Monica Lewinsky, the sexual infidelities of the former president have not been a secret to anyone, least of all to his wife, Hillary Rodham Willhemena Clinton. His affairs have been many and have never been well hidden. He is proud of his conquests no matter how much they embarrassed his wife.

Hillary has always put on a brave face and a tough act with regard to Bill’s infidelity. She has stood by her man throughout all and has faced down his accusers. She has paid them off and had them killed- whatever she had to do in order to save face in the public eye.

But their numbers are many  – far too many for there to be enough money for all. And without the possibility of a bribe coming their way, the many mistresses knew that only death could await them.  So they banded together to take matters into their own hands.

The Clinton Foundation held a gala tonight and each living side piece managed an invitation. At exactly 6:00pm, all 27 of them lined up behind Hillary Clinton and stabbed her once in the back. She stood and screamed like a banshee throughout each stabbing, turning into Beelzebub briefly when it was all said and done before collapsing into a heap, bursting into flames, and disappearing in a cloud of smoke.


She was 940 years old.