Romney Changes Parties – Considering Run in 2020


Utah Senator and former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney sent shockwaves through the political world this morning, as the long-time Republican politician announced that he had officially switched his allegience to the Democratic party.  Romney then commented that he had formed an exploratory committee to “test the waters” concerning the idea of a second run for President in 2020.

Romney had always been a harsh critic of President Trump and his policies, but the full shift in his ideology still came as a shock to many.  After months of trashing the President in town hall meetings by referring to him as : “The tangertard” and “A piece of crap in a suit”, the former Governor did a longer interview with John Guluv of the Queeftown Examiner :

“What the Republican party was, is no more.  Trump and the ignorant cartoonish teabaggers have taken it over and made it into the world’s worst joke.  I can’t stand looking at his minions anymore.  They look like empty-eyed cavepeople, drooling all over themselves.  I can’t take that walking dead shrunken-headed Mitch McConnell trying to sabotage everything good for the country.  With a heavy heart, but a clean soul, I hereby leave the party and will be registering as a Democrat with the intention of making sure that Trump is a one-term President.  May Heavenly Father guide my journey.  Shout out to Orson Scott Card.  This is the real Ender’s Game, baby.”

To celebrate his new direction, the Senator allowed himself exactly one ounce of instant coffee.

Justin Amash, a Republican who has called for Trump to be impeached is also running for office in 2020 against the incumbent, and is a close personal friend of Romney’s.  Could the two form a rare bipartisian ticket together to take down Trump?  We’ll just have to wait and see if Romney is momon just an empty threat.


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