Transcript Of Obama-Iran Money Call Released

The truth is right in front of you right

Following all the democrat requests for call transcripts between President Trump and the President of the Ukraine as they pursue their impeachment charges, another movement began from the republican side. The GOP wants a release of the call transcript between Barack Obama and Iran in the moments before Obama shipped to them $725 billion.

An anonymous whistleblower has sent us a copy of said transcript. Details of the call are below.


Iran: Hello

Obama: Hey Iran! It’s Barack! What’s up dawg?

Iran: BARRY! I was just thinking about you! You never call anymore!

O: I know and I’m sorry, Iran. I’ve been so busy defending myself for my tan suit choice. I swear I’m not a traitor. It just felt like a tan suit day.

I: That sucks Barry. And you’d just gotta past convincing everyone of your loyalty after using that Dijon mustard. I warned you about that stuff. Nothing good can come from spicy mustard. It’s just not natural.

O: Yeah you did. And you were right. I will never doubt you again.

I: So to what do I owe the pleasure of your call, Barry? Reconsidering joining the wife and I on that swinging adventure? It’ll be fun!

O: Haha! No no. Hey Iran. Remember that money we stole from you years ago?

I: yep

O: Well we’ve decided to give it back to you because stealing is wrong.

I: It is wrong. Thank you. 

O: So we’re cool?

I: We’re cool.

O: And now you won’t build nukes?

I: Of course not! You’re a solid guy! This proves that!

O: I love you Iran!

I: I love you Barack!

(Kissy noises)

Well, there it is. It’s a little anti-climactic but all laid out. Barack Obama was gay for Iran.