Trump Adds $19 Billion To US Tourism Economy

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump’s profound effect on the people of America has created so many new opportunities in all business sectors but perhaps none so much as tourism. The tourism industry has boomed under this President, adding up to $19 billion to the economy according to market research studies. People see a bright, new America where we are once again free, and they flock to it.

The joy he’s brought to our citizens can be seen in an emerging tourism niche. The “Speech Raging” sector is the latest trend that is responsible for the majority of these gains. You would recognize this as the scenes of red hats verbally lashing out – losing their minds, really – over others in their midst speaking languages between themselves other than English. This creates some delightful scenes that provide a sense of disbelief and wonder for witnesses. And this is what our tourists now come here to see.

“Red Hat Rage” is a New York start-up company that is tapping into this trend.  They specialize in “creating lasting memories of irrational hatred and bigotry” by hiring actors to create these outrageous scenes.

Nick Sandman, of D.C. racism fame, is said to have been one of the Red Hat Rage employees. Good job Nick! Very convincing!

Their casting sessions bring together those who would play the innocent Spanish speakers (particularly Spanish, but not limited to) and angry “English only” types who have a limited knowledge of English themselves. They read from scripts at auditions but their work in the street is all ad-lib. They make it up as they go along and they are very convincing. They create scenes which wind up in police intervention for the delight of onlookers. Last year, they grossed $5 million. All thanks to President Trump.

Trump is doing more to breathe life into the American tourism industry than any previous administration. We all owe him a debt of gratitude.