Ocasio-Cortez : ‘Trump is Suffering From Dementia’


Congressional attack poodle Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made some memorable statements recently, becoming the darling of the Democrats.  But she might have gone too far in her interview with Vanity Fair, insisting that the President of the United States has dementia.  An excerpt :

“When you watch him speak, it’s obvious he wants to hear his voice before he completes a thought.  He repeats himself several times within five minutes.  He has a childlike vocabulary and almost no understanding of how anything works and cannot distinguish reality from fiction.  Go ahead, ask anyone whose talked with him for more than sixty seconds.  He’s, pardon my French, shitbrained.”

Ocasio-Cortez feels the evidence presents itself even more boldly in the events of the last few days, as President Trump repeatedly focused on crises that don’t actually exist, has used maybe 200 to 225 words in total, exhibited gagging drug-addiction like behavior, and becomes angry and frustrated when confronted.  In short, it does seem to some that he has taken on the persona of a brain-damaged red-assed ape punching at his own balls.

Trump has often blamed his quirks on having his left brain waterlogged by prostitute urine. This photo also shows his unfortunate difficulty telling left from right.

Will the Sweetheart of Socialism be disciplined by her congressmates, or will she continue to be outspokenly observant like some kind of strong woman?  Only time will tell.

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