Trump Introduces Anti-Socialism Domain For Government

Liberals Call It “Obscene”

In a press release today, President Trump emphasized his administration’s commitment to keeping socialism out of America, albeit symbolically, with the introduction of the official new White House domain name of “.cim”.

The release reads:

President Trump and his hand-picked staff are pleased to introduce a new domain title for use exclusively on websites and email belonging to the president himself and the White House staff.

President Trump was very excited and adamant that we make this change and is now quite pleased with its implementation – giddy, in fact. Prior to dictating the remainder of this release, he laughed with joy about it for hours on end.

The letters to be used are “.cim,” This is an acronym thought of by the President himself. It stands for “Capitalism In Merica!” and it solidifies this administration’s conviction that socialism will never creep into the USA under our watch. Never.

Staff did attempt purchase of “.cia” to make it more correct (Capitalism in America) but it was unavailable because……CIA. This misfortune proved irrelevant though as the President was adamant  about use of “Merica” because, as he put it, “That’s how real Americans say it”

Please visit the new White House website at whitehouse.cim.

In related news, the ATF is soon to be renamed at President Trump’s request. It will no longer be Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). The new name will be Alcohol, Tobacco, and Munitions (ATM).

That is all.

The president would laugh hysterically about this if it were true but it’s not. Not a word.

That’s our President- keeping America fresh and communist free!