Satan To Challenge Trump For 2020 Republican Nomination

The truth is right in front of you

Trump may have some serious competition for the republican presidential candidacy in 2020.

Though Trump has come to epitomize the modern day GOP – evil, immoral, bigoted, sadistic – another contender is throwing his hat into the ring and is claiming to be just as monstrous as Trump……but with much more experience with the dark side.

Yes, that’s right, Satan Himself officially announced his intention to run this morning in a grand press conference in the depths of hell. Following is an excerpt from his speech:

“Donald Trump isn’t bad. He is a sociopath so we know he’s capable of great evil without a care.

But how long has he been doing it? Fifty, sixty years? Not long at all. That explains his clumsy style and his getting caught all the time.

Trump was actually a Satan disciple but did not complete his training. He thought he knew it all.

I can do better. I’ve been at it since the beginning of time. Horrific manipulation of society is my jam. Has been since biblical times.

You think Donny is the antithesis of Christianity? HA! I invented it. Nobody can destroy the world like I can. Nobody.

Hasn’t anybody wondered how someone as moronic as The Donald could become president? Has nobody found that extremely odd? Like supernaturally odd? He’s in the White House because I put him there. We made a deal. I own that punk for eternity.”

So it looks as though the 2020 election is no longer a lock for President Trump. Satan makes a compelling case for replacing the incumbent. It should be interesting.