Trump Makes Multiple References To Female Genitals In China; Nobody Knows Why

The truth is right in front of you

President Donald Trump held a press conference today while meeting with negotiators in China to talk trade. It seems the trade mission is going well with few obstacles – this we heard from a White House public relations official in a nice, normal, sane presentation.

It was when the President stepped up to the lectern that things began to get weird.

Trump inexplicably began to mention a slang of his own for female genitals, and completely ignored the Chinese. He began like so:

“I have a great relationship with Gyna. I’ve done a lot of business with Gyna, you know.”

Makes sense. His business transactions with porn stars are well known. It’s inexplicable why he chose to bring this up at trade talks though.

“Gyna has treated us very badly”

The president once again assuming his own experiences are all of America’s. We are not you, sir.

“America will never back down to Gyna. Gyna has taken advantage of us for too long. They’ve spent a lot of time on top. Now it’s our turn.”

Obvious misogyny. It seems he’s admitted to his dislike for women after all.

Why the president would choose to use a press conference on crucial trade talks with China to talk about pu**y is completely unknown. Come to think of it, he always seems to switch to this topic whenever Chinese related events come up

He may have finally gone over the edge.