Trump Orders Federal Lawsuit Against Obama to Recover Vacation Money

“Obama did nothing in his 8 years in office. Nothing!  I did more in my first month than he did in eight long, torturous years.

And I don’t think he should be rewarded for that. Do you?”

So began President Trump’s angry tirade against Barack Obama’s presidency and the amount of money Obama stole from The American people.

Everybody noticed how Obama was more often half nekkid than clothed but few wondered why.

Trump announce in the midst of this that he had ordered an unwinnable lawsuit against BHO to recover his full two term salary and all expenses related to vacations and golf weekends during that time.  He went on:

”Do you know how much time Obama spent on vacation? How much time he  spent failing on the golf course? Because his game is really, really terrible, let me tell you. Nobody has worse golf scores than Barack Obama.

He spent more time goofing off than any other president before or since in the entire history of the world. It’s true. I don’t need to research. I know.”

Not included in this suit is recovery of the jillions of dollars that Obama stole from the treasury department. It’s been widely reported by eyewitnesses within that the former President and his wife, Michelle would routinely walk into Fort Knox and line their pockets with thousand dollars bills  and full wheelbarrows with gold bricks. Despite all the eyes on them, nothing was done to stop this because, as witness Gary Jones said, “ He was the President. We thought it was legal.”

Eyewitness Gary Jones laughs as he finds out Obama will finally get what’s coming to him.

But it’s not legal and President Trump knows it. This first destined-to-fail lawsuit will be closely followed by the suit to recover theft. And justice will finally be done.