Trump Presidency Brings $4 Billion Tourism Windfall

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump just keeps on bringing in the dough. The economy is booming and it just keep getting better. We are winning and it looks as though it will never stop.

Doom and gloom liberals had predicted that our multi-billion dollar tourism industry would take a big hit as a result of what they called Trump’s “unpopularity around the world.” Boy, were they wrong (again). New tourism industries abound these days. Recently, we heard about a booming sector devoted to nonsensical rage over speaking languages other than English. Also springing up is a service catering to those who wish to make 911 calls on black people for innocent, everyday acts. Now has come “Protesting The President” tourism.

Trump himself described this to the press:

“People come here from all over the world for me. This is new. They’ve never done this for a president before.

They come here for something called ‘Protesting the President’. Once they’re here, they spend time organizing to try to have me removed from office. Marches, information campaigns, picketing….they do it all! All because of me! It’s YUGE!

Only Trump can bring together this much loathing.

This has generated mega tourism dollars on hotels, food, shopping. Never before has a president created this much animosity. Only I could do this. I alone. You think this ever happened under Obama? WRONG. Only I could create this much hate. Another first for America!”

This is an absolute truth. There has never been a single other American leader who has brought so much disapproval and scorn upon our nation. President Trump continues to create firsts for the United States. “America First” is working out splendidly!