Trump Proposes Natural Born Law For Members of Congress

The truth is right in front of you

In order to be President of the United States of America, one must be “natural born”, that is, born in the USA. But why not members of Congress? They too are elected to represent Americans at the federal level. Why the different rule for them? What makes them special?

That’s what President Trump wants to know and he has proposed a change. He wants them to be held to the same standard as the Commander-In-Chief. And we say it’s about time.

President Trump laid out his reasoning for this reporter in an exclusive one-on-one:

“These people in congress, in the Senate and the House. Did you know the House is part of Congress? It’s true. Nobody knows this.

Anyway, these people are elected just like me and they are elected to run America. Shouldn’t they be born here? I mean, if you’re not born here, you’re not really a citizen, are you? That’s why they have the rule for the president. Because you have to be a citizen. And I am. A citizen. I was born here. But many Democrats are not. They’re born everywhere but here. Very few of them are Americans. Hardly any. It’s true. I bet you didn’t know that. But yeah, hardly any.

This law would see all of the squad gone. Not really. That’s just what trumpanzees think.

If you’re a citizen, you’re loyal, like me. Democrats, as we’ve seen, are not loyal to this country. They hate America. And it’s because they’re foreigners.”

Should Trump bring about this law, many existing Congresspersons may lose their seats, forcing elections across the country. And just like that the House would no longer be dominated by the leftists currently in place. Let’s hope this comes to pass.