Trump Tariffs Have Added $95 Billion Into US Economy

The truth is right in front of you

He told us while campaigning: “Nobody can run the economy better than me.” He told us and he was telling the truth. The proof is all around us – record low unemployment, record high stock market, a bustling GDP,low prices, high wages – all the indicators are there. America is on top again.

Then there are the tariffs that President Trump placed on several nations in order to push through trade negotiations and strengthen our trade positioning, all the while encouraging all at home to “Buy American.” Critics called the tariffs foolish, said they would never worked, claimed they would backfire and destroy our economy.

But now the genius of Trump has been further proven. Import tariffs placed by this administration have bolstered the US even more. To date almost $100 billion has been added to our already robust economy and those nations that have been making the payments are suffering for it. This, of course, puts us in a greater position of strength to have trade negotiations go our way. It’s absolutely brilliant.

President Trump has the Midas touch. Every economic policy he imposes brings success and riches. Each of his promises brings incredible windfall. We are blessed to have him. Trump 2020.