Corporations Lining Up With Glee To Be Boycotted By Trumpies

The truth is right in front of you

Boycotts by trump devotees have become quite commonplace. There seems to be a new one every week. Every time their feathers are ruffled in the slightest, another product or service boycott is called, with no regard for economic impact or lost jobs.

Fortunately for the American economy, they suck at it. In virtually every case of a trump supporter marketplace boycott, the subject company is not affected at all. In fact, in 80% of those cases, the businesses actually post gains, or even record profits.

Take the NFL. When trumpers began their boycott over their free speech concerns, things seemed for the league … first. But the next season – the first FULL season under boycott – they posted all-time record profits.

Ditto Nike after they freaked out about their hiring of spokesperson Colin Kaepernick. Record sales almost immediately. Even Macy’s abd Nordstrum -retail, a dying industry – increased sales after conservative crybabies vowed never to shop there again.

And this is the theme of the trumper boycott – more money.

Hey CEOs! Want more profit? Hire Colin!

So it’s no surprise that corporations across the country are clamoring to be the subject of the next maga consumer protest. Many have even hired specialized teams whose sole purpose is to come up with creative ways to melt snowflake feelings. All are confident that trump supporter meltdowns will power America through any coming recession created by the current administration.

It seems Trump may make America great after all!