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  • What is my age:
  • 27
  • Where am I from:
  • I'm latvian
  • Orientation:
  • Man
  • Tone of my eyes:
  • Dark green
  • I know:
  • English, Romanian
  • Zodiac sign:
  • Scorpio
  • What is my body type:
  • My body features is quite slim
  • I like:
  • Doing puzzles


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Due to a back surgery, I carried my right shoulder about one inch lower than my left. Oxygen to her brain was cut off which caused a grade 2 stroke on the right side of her brain.

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I needed a spinal fusion. All of this made a vast difference which allowed her to be at ease and to learn successfully. Continue your therapy on your own when your sessions are over for long term relief. A bad attitude produces bad. She was unable to eat by mouth and unable to talk. RehabWorks is the place to come for therapy. When I started therapy, I was in a neck brace and had ificant weakness in my leg.

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Just keep going. Do whatever your therapist tells you to do. My therapist, Emily Thompson, is great! I began rehab twice a week starting in September, I still go to therapy once a week. My speech and memory are still improving.

He said that Tina Hooks was the best physical therapist for amputees. I did 4 weeks of pre-operative physical therapy to strengthen my neck and leg. When Minna started with RehabWorks, she was 8 months old and she was unable to do anything other than lay on her back and wiggle around.

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Have a good attitude. It can be painful and uncomfortable but it gets easier with time.

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The stroke affected the learning center which we were told would cause some delays. When Minna was five weeks old, she went into cardiac arrest for nine minutes causing her heart to stop.

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Therapy works! I feel that has made a ificant impact on her progress and who she is today. Tina Hooks was so compassionate and taught me exercises that would benefit me the most. In Jan,I was diagnosed with stage 3C breast cancer. I had 3 strokes between June-July Fagan recommended RehabWorks after the 1st stroke which affected my speech. This is a rare congenital malformation in which all four pulmonary veins do not connect normally to the left atrium. I was afraid I would never be able to walk again. In November,I lost my leg due to a blood clot.

It also caused Minna to have seizures, hypothyroidism, acute kidney injury, cortisol deficiency, and a nystagmus in both eyes. My therapy has been lasting and life changing. In less than a year, Minna has become comfortable with her therapists and has been able to overcome her delays while steadily improving and catching up.

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Minna was ly using early intervention and receiving occupational therapy. My therapist, Christie Jones, is excellent. My balance came back pretty quickly. I learned how important it is to consistently lift my leg up and continue to strengthen it. Tina taught me how to use my prosthetic leg and how to strengthen my leg and hip muscles.

I think the world of Tina.

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It's also very convenient to our home. My therapist, Christie Jones, was incredible! She made my therapy simple. If it ever got too painful, she worked with me to try something else.

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I started therapy in February, and I finished in January I can walk so much better! We immediately knew RehabWorks was the place for us once we met with Kelly, our physical therapist; Elisa, our occupational therapist and Mary Ann, our speech therapist.

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The RehabWorks staff made me feel welcome. I now have full motion and can easily move my neck with less pain. Both issues caused me to have problems with my balance. I recommend taking time to get to know the team to ensure that you share the same goals.

Trust your therapist, really pay attention and work hard. She is like a new child - socially and physically.

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She is so sweet and patient. After a bad scare on the football stadium steps, I sought help. She was very delayed and had an aversion to people. Focus on the things you can do. My legs are also strengthened. They also involved family and created an emotionally-safe environment where she was not threatened. RehabWorks was one of the physical therapy options suggested by the Neck and Pain Center.

Frank had surgery to repair his torn rotator cuff and he had a great experience with RehabWorks. Instead, the four pulmonary veins drain abnormally to the right atrium right upper chamber by way of an abnormal anomalous connection. They help keep my spirits up! The surgery left me with a 7-inch incision and 24 staples. I walk 1. My therapist, Beth Kisor, was very encouraging and taught me the right exercises which I continued at home.

Believe in yourself. You have to be determined to do the best you can with therapy. I began my rehab at home.

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I had back surgery to remove a tumor wrapped around my spinal cord that was preventing me from walking properly. She pushed me as far as I could go. After my surgery, I returned to RehabWorks for 12 weeks physical therapy. My knee has greatly improved. She can eat by mouth and is learning to talk.

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Follow the instructions they give you and continue your therapy at home so you will have success. They have great therapists and I would recommend RehabWorks to anyone who needs therapy. She has a gift for keeping you encouraged that you can succeed and helping you reach your goals.

She also taught me exercises for my spine which resulted in a straight spine. My improvement was quite dramatic and I have continued my therapy on my own.

Minna waites

Our therapists took a unique approach by considering her past and customized therapy to fit her needs. I was having pain in my neck and weakness in my leg. After surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I had neuropathy and balance problems that were restricting my lifestyle and self confidence. I went to rehab in Birmingham after my first back surgery and for a bad ankle sprain. After the 3rd stroke, I had a blood clot and brain bleed on left side that affected memory, ability to speak and read.

Several years ago, I had a completely detached rotator cuff. It required surgery at UAB. After discharge, Regional Rehab agreed that I should continue my rehab at RehabWorks since I already knew and liked my therapist.

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Good eats and service and Easy to get into if your in a wheelchair but a little to big for my taste.