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  • Years:
  • 51
  • Eyes colour:
  • Dark gray eyes
  • What is my gender:
  • I am girl
  • What is my hair:
  • Silvery
  • What I like to drink:
  • Rum
  • I like:
  • Surfing the net
  • Stud:
  • None
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  • None


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In some ways I am a right-wing fundamentalist and in some ways I am a liberal- that's because the Christian lifestyle transcends all human definitions and boundaries. I believe that marriage and family is the basis of society not much left of that basis, which is rather terrifying.

Running is my primary form of exercise and I have completed two marathons, most recently in February I am spiritual, not religious, and into "New Thought", i. Living in San DiegoCalifornia Vegetarian diet.

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In times past, I did a fair amount of bicycling and playing tennis. I own four handguns and have a defensive mindset. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Love synthesizing various healing and growth modalities for creating greater positive healing experience.

Living in BerkeleyCalifornia Vegan diet. I do appreciate vegetarianism and the value of that for those who choose it, however I just don't choose that for myself anymore. I think it's contrary to God's plan and very psychologically unhealthful to live alone and be socially isolated.

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I have a fun personality, a great sense of humor and enjoy laughing a lot. Yes, these are current photos of me. I also love playing and singing along with my acoustic guitar and have recently started accepting applications for female accompaniment during campfire sing-alongs. I am in great shape. I also enjoy reading and read mostly non-fiction and going to museums, art galleries, concerts in the park already mentioned that! A friend of mine from elementary school ended up with blood clots on her lungs and needed emergency surgery two weeks after getting the first shot!

UniqueGuy is a 60 year old, spiritual male. Being active outdoors, especially cycling, and staying at home are both fun. I'm very non-materialistic. I am a unique combination the eastern and western worlds.

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On air in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas doing live sports updates for more than stations coast to coast, among other radio gigs. Isabliss is a 49 year old, spiritual female. And what you do is up to you, of course! Vegan for health reasons since My biological age is about I expect to live another 30 years and never become senile or feeble.

CORBY is a 75 year old, spiritual male. I am also handy and mechanical. And thirdly, a willingness and desire to grow and learn makes it all the more fun and worthwhile. I'm extremely open-minded and can almost always see both sides of an issue.

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I have an amazing story of natural healing. Living in San FranciscoCalifornia Vegan diet. Metaphysically I am still young because I am still learning about myself how sick and twisted I am compared to the perfect humanity of Jesusgrowing, and being conformed to the divine image. I don't see how Arminians can be Christians because their God is too remote. Though I've been vegetarian for much of my life, I now find that my body does seem to do better with some meat.

Enjoy gardening, self-sufficiency and love research, especially research that le to healing, self- and other -knowing, and other ways to make life better. I bicycle for exercise. Living in San JoseCalifornia Vegan diet.

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Living in RedlandsCalifornia Vegan diet. I regard almost all of organized Christianity as being very corrupt. I enjoy running, biking, studying and learning things. I enjoy going to the gym, including the steam room and hot tub, to keep in shape. I am retired from a successful career in broadcast journalism, i. While I try to keep active, I definitely enjoy regular downtime to watch a movie, binge watch a show, or just chill and catch up with friends.

I worked in the western medical field for several years, and currently work in the eastern medical field. Oh, and I'm also really, really, ridiculously good-looking name that movie! I enjoy traveling. I am a very deep thinker and passionate about ideas "Ideas have consequences"- Francis Schaeffer.

But also enjoy doing things with people. I am an ethical vegan and an animal rights activist. It's perhaps worth mentioning that I don't have kids, nor do I plan to have any, and would prefer someone similar or whose kids are largely grown. I have a strong interest in eastern spirituality.

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And of course, I'm always on the lookout for tasty vegan food! I am not the typical, stereotyped insipid, shallow, rule-following, approval-seeking "Christian". I regard Christianity as understood by John Calvin as a total world-and-life view. I lived in Germany for six months and visited many countries in Europe as well as China, Egypt, and Russia. I work part-time now, 2-days a week with a mobile dog groomer My own dog is, of course I am an award-winning actor I sing.

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Living in EscondidoCalifornia Almost veg diet. Veggie dating Hemet don't attend any church because there is no real church within any reasonable driving distance of the remote place where I live. For example, I practice and believe in the deep philosophy of yoga.

I'm generally happy and calm, which then brings out my creativity, which is then usually applied to healing myself, others or Life on planet earth in some way. I am a survivor of childhood cancer, visibly mutilated by surgery. My interests are quite varied, but my primary passion is rock climbing which often involves camping and hiking which I also enjoy.

I am Reformed Calvinist in theology but don't believe that any denomination has all the truth. Francis Schaeffer wrote a lot of books directed to intellectual non-Christians to show them how untenable the non-Christian position is.

I regard salvation as a wholistic restoration of the image of God in humanity, which begins at the New Birth. Hi there, VeggieDate community! I am spiritually regenerated through faith in Jesus the Messiah and, accordingly, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. I also enjoy cooking, especially with someone. Although I am very intellectual and introspective I am also tender-hearted and capable of deep feelings. Raised as Christian-Hindu, with love for all forms of spiritual truth, I keep learning and practicing.

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Living in Los AngelesCalifornia Vegetarian diet. I'm not one who relishes being the center of attention, but here goes I'm an easy-going and genuine guy with strong character and a pretty good sense of humor. After college degree in philosophy and psychologyI studied and got certificates in massage, therapeutic breathwork, Ayurveda and yoga. I am intelligent, honest, spontaneous, adventurous and love to try new things.

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First of all, since this is "VeggieDate" site; re. I use my bicycle for most of my transportation. I'm politically liberal. I love trees and waterfalls, the desert and the mountains, streams and lakes. I'm very independent and find it easy to spend lots of time alone.

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I was vegetarian when I ed up for this site, but now I'm not vegetarian anymore. B-A in TeleCommunications. I work as a researcher for UC Berkeley and I've sometimes taught classes at community colleges. I am an intuitive, independent and deep thinker. Living in SunnyvaleCalifornia Almost veg diet. I feel a great desire to overcome the limitations of my depraved humanness- this is a basic characteristic of real Christians. Natural interest in healing arts and beauty. I like to dance, free-style, swing and ballroom. Thank you for visiting! I also have permanent injuries from a accident with medical complications.

Roger is a 49 year old, Atheist male. I'm a highly intellectually curious person and consequently do a fair amount of reading and enjoy convos on a wide variety of topics. I did well as a survivalist in the July, earthquakes where I live.

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