Webster’ Dictionary Redefines ‘Racist’- ‘It’s Become Meaningless’

The truth is right in front of you

Webster’s English Dictionary has been around for over a century so they know a thing or two about the English language. They’ve seen how our tongue has changed over time, how it has evolved, and they’ve adjusted their volume each time that it does.

Senior editor, Trish Blake, explained how words change meaning over time:

“I don’t know how. It just happens. People adopt words for uses different from their original intents. They change the meanings themselves. And if enough people do it, it becomes permanent.

For example, ‘gay’ once meant ‘very happy or jubilant’. No longer. Now it means ‘homosexual’. The old meaning is barely known by anyone anymore. Many of those vehemently opposed to homosexuality can likely be called gay these days……but not because they’re happy

Similarly, we have ‘redneck’. It once referred to those laboring in the fields, the necks becoming red in the sun. It was synonymous with hard work. These days, its application is to inbred, bigoted,uneducated ¬†hillbillies. It is not the flattering term it once was.

We are now finding that the meaning of ‘racist’ must be adjusted. It no longer simply refers to one who is prejudiced against other races, a bigot. Racist now describes a true patriot who loves Jesus and America. It’s lost its original meaning through overuse at the hands of desperate liberals who use it as a ‘Hail Mary’ accusation when losing arguments.

Deplorable still means immoral though. That hasn’t changed one bit. Why people refer to themselves like that is beyond me……unless they’re sociopaths.”

So there you have it. If ever a liberal calls you a racist again, wear the name like a badge of honor.