Greta, Barron Seen Kanoodling At International Youth Event


Romeo and Juliet.  Ron and Nancy.  Abbott and Costello.  Britney and Kevin.  Bristol Palin and most of northern Alaska.   The world is filled with great and powerful love stories.  Are we on the cusp of witnessing this century’s most important power couple?

Or are we witnessing the beginning of “Rosemary’s Baby?”

That may be what onlookers at the Teen Conference for World Affairs in Olso saw last week, as First Son Barron Trump and climate activist Greta Thunberg were seen openly dancing close, nuzzling each other, and yes, even kissing beneath an outdoor pagoda in a facility rose garden.  Could it be love between the two high-profile teens?

Or is it just gas from eating toast points with truffle aioli and beluga caviar all night?

A witness who is a friend of the younger Trump’s handler relates that the two met and got into heated conversation about climate change until Barron, after recently viewing the classic film “Sixteen Candles”, requested a pair of her underpants as a souvenir of the evening.  After the young woman admonished her suitor and dealt a slap to his visage, the two had an adorable on-again off-again relationship for a full twenty minutes before succumbing to each other’s embrace when the band played an orchestral version of Air Supply’s classic song “Lost in Love.”

So what will come in the future?  Romance? Marriage?  The dawn of a world-ruling supercouple, surrounded by winged cherub-children guiding the earth into a new age of magnitude and harmony?  It could be that.  Or it just could be Greta stringing along some dork she had to hang with for an hour.  The future will tell.

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