Trump To Send Pence Envoy to You’re A Gay, South America


President Trump is somewhat of an expert when it comes to America’s foreign policy and the wrangling of relations with our neighbors.  Recently, he reached out to our little Asiany allies in Thigh Land, with fantastic results.  Now, with help from his own Short Round, Mike Pence, our most corpulent commander is opening his arms and legs to other great countries, starting with South America, and the small, and evidently mainly homersexual republic of Your A Gay.

It’s where they make that soda those clown rappers like. Gayfo.

During a press conference to explain his new “Squeezing the Globe” initiative, Trump detailed what he insrinctually understands about Your A Gay, which is that it was settled in like, the days when people did the Charlston and women wore those tassle hats, by gay black people like Sammy Davis Junior to be where you could go if the jocks wouldn’t let you play football.  Similarly, he praised our pals in Thigh Land for their economy under Great Leader Suzanne Sommers.  She was hot on that Eight is Enough show.

The press conference was halted for a moment as advisors informed the President to not, at any time, mention our relationship with Nigeria.

Also, we need to stop him asking the Chinese President if Mr. Sulu can do “that Tokyo drift” thing.

Trump closed his remarks on the bold new outreach by assuring his followers that he would be having a sit-down discussion with the Papa of New Guinea about responsible parenting, and that he would help Camp Poochia reopen in time for the kids to have a good experience in the wild, cooking snores and spedunking.

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